Visit in Kvismaren

I visited Kvismaren for two days of mist netting and wader hiking in the reeds. It was hot, like a boiling pot, full of mosquitoes but despite that very fun! First day got to ring three Great reed warbler chicks and the second we tried to catch a female but failed.  It was really fun to handle some blue tits again and I also got my first Bearded reedlings.  Thanks to Mariana, Gintaras and Laila for two great days in the field!


End of field work blue tits

Field work with blue tits is coming to an end. It has been a busy but very fun field season, and I am very grateful for been given the opportunity to join the project this year. The weather has been amazing, and the tits have been great to work with. I got some good practice in ringing, measuring and taking DNA-samples and hope to work with passerines soon again!

Now I will take up some unfinished work from the ostrich gut micro biome project, moving from small to large birds, from field work to computer work!

Field work next boxes

I am currently working as a field assistant on a project on tits in next boxes in an area east of Lund. The weather so far this season has ben G R E A T and I have really enjoyed having an excuse to skip computer work the last weeks. Not sad at all that I skipped Lundakarnevalen for working this weekend.

Most of the clutches have hatched and I’m looking forward to when they are 14 days old and will have lots to to ringing and taking DNA samples from them and their parents. Until then, here is a cute 7 days old marsh tit that is included in a experiment on clutch size manipulation that I ringed last week. So tiny! So cute!