Update Summer 2019

It is about one and a half month to my next trip to KRR and working with the wild Damaraland mole-rats. Just yesterday I got the news that one of my field assistants got her visa to join and the field team are ready and set to go! Very exciting.

End on June I went the annual KRR meeting, this year hosted in Zürich. Me and my supervisor went by train from Sweden (have to try and compensate for all flights to South Africa somehow…) and stopped for a hike in the Alps the days before the meeting. Good thing I got at least some hiking dine this summer, all July I’ve been sitting at the office and August will be busy with ESEB and GENECO meeting before heading back to South Africa.

Time flies. More than 6 months of my PhD have already passed??????

Back from first season of field work with the mole rats

I got back from the Kuruman River Reserve (KRR) and Kuruman Research Centre (KRC) about two weeks ago. This was my first but definitely not the last field season of my PhD.

Photo by Yannick Francioli

One can read about the mole rats and watch movies on youtube – but it doesn’t give them justice! They are truly fascinating animals and so much fun to work with in the field. I am so exciting for the next years where I will literarily be digging my way to deeper understanding of their benefits and consequences of group living!

Malaria conference Beijing

Hej! I just got back from 9 days in China, first attending the International Conference on Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife in Beijing and then a dew days of holiday and a day of excursion to the Great wall arranged by the conference.

I had a 2 month break from my work as research assistant in  Lund before going to China, working at Jordbruksverket (The Swedish board of Agriculture) and I hope I will get lots of things done before Christmas.