I have had the fantastic opportunity to work as a research- and field assistant at several different research projects and groups before starting my PhD:

2016 – 2018. MSc thesis (2016-2017) and research assistant in Charlie Cornwallis research group at project on gut microbiome and growth of ostrich chicks. Experimental work in South Africa, molecular lab work extracting and sequencing samples with 16S rRNA Illumina MiSeq in Lund (4  runs x 384 samples). Also working on my meta-analysis from my thesis on the ‘Monoculture effect’.

2018, Field assistant working with tits (Blue tits, Marsh tits and Great tits) breeding in nest boxes, project by Jan-Åke Nilsson. Handling chicks and adult birds, ringing, measuring and taking blood samples for DNA and blood smears.

2012 – 2017 woking for Erik Svensson. Five seasons around Lund, one season (2013) stationed at Grimsö field station, one month (2017) in Cameroon. All projects I worked on were on damselflies, tasks varied from collecting and sampling data in the field to setting up and managing experiments, coordinating field work and interns etc. I also did some work in the molecular lab using Sanger-sequencing for Beatriz Willink’s Phd project on the evolution of female limited colour polymorphism in damselflies.

2015 one month of field work in the Indian Himalayas mist netting and sampling birds for avian blood parasites, project by Farah Ishtiaq, University of Bangalore.

2015 three months intern at the Guppy Project at Trinidad, field- and lab work at the long-term mark recapture study on guppies.

2014 Bachelor’s thesis on female limited evolution of an X-chromosome in Drosophila, supervisor Jessica Abbott.