South Africa September – October 2019

I’ve almost spent two months in South Africa and will be heading back to Sweden tomorrow. To be back at KMP and work with the mole-rats, recapturing groups from last season has been so much fun. We have trapped colonies within the reserve and I have collected faeces samples from almost all animals that we have captured. Freezer has been filling up quickly and it is exciting to get started with a time series of samples from the same individuals! It has also been fascinating to go back to the Kalahari and see it at another season, much drier and definitely harder to dig trap sites. Luckily, I have had a great team with me this time again and together we have had so much fun in the lab and field.

team this season: Andreas, Megha, Daniël and me 🙂

In the end of my stay in South Africa I’ve been visiting Nigel Bennett’s research group at Pretoria University. Here I have had to chance to meet other species’ of mole-rats, included the naked mole-rats! Most likely the strangest animal I’ve seen so far in my life. I’m so thankful for the mobility award from Linnaeus University that I got earlier this year to give me the opportunity to come here and meet other researchers working with mole-rats.

Naked mole-rats!

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